“Ive lost about 5kg (88 to 83kg) the lowest I’ve been in 2 years all down to applying everything I’ve learned through the Affliate!!

I started the programme with lower back discomfort, 3 months into the Affiliate and I have gone from barely being able to do a body weight box squat to being able to squat up to 50kg and pulling back if I feel I’m overdoing it – another thing I’ve learned…go at my own pace and listen to my body!!

The training videos & fb tips have been BRILLIANT helping me to lift properly/safely. The plan isnt tailered to me specifically but it incorporates all muscle groups and has strengthed my back and core to the point I am no longer in constant pain, I don’t fear the gym anymore and feel empowered!

I’ve learned to tailor meals/snacks to my needs and likes and not to sweat the small stuff- don’t get me wrong i still have chocolate etc every day but it doesnt turn into an entire packet of biscuits- they are tracked, managed and fall within the daily calories!

I’m very impressed with my results considering I have a full time job, am doing a masters alongside a post grad h.dip (exams, assessments and assignments). I have greater clarity and focus in work & study/college – health body = health mind. Absolutely loving the programme!!

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