They made the whole experience of “cutting calories” enjoyable.

As a coach myself I began 1-1 online coaching with Larry in hope to learn as much as I could while stepping into the shoes of a client for once. I had a goal to get as lean as possible in 6 months but slow and steady for a holiday. No question was too big for Larry and his knowledge is second to none. I went to Larry to learn about nutrition yet I have been opened up to so much more, the importance of sleep, stress management etc. and have realised how much they play a role in “getting lean”.  I encountered a back injury and was frustrated for many weeks yet not once did Larry seem worried, it was all worked around and we made constant progress.
I ate more like an adult with no restrictions and consistently trained and the results came. Little does Kate know she is also a fantastic role model and together they make a solid team! They made the whole experience of “cutting calories” enjoyable. I didn’t even know that could be possible and I can’t thank them enough.

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