“I’ve been a steady 70kg for a number of months now and in the last month I’ve gone down 4lbs!!”

I’m loving the training and I see a huge difference and realise I am a lot stronger than I thought, I have come out of my comfort zone. The variety of training you’ve given me every month has been deadly! I’m enjoying training these days as when I started with you  I was bored with the gym. My level of confidence has increased as I’ve learned so much about engagement and tempo. My PBs have also gone up! I don’t feel I’m getting leaner but I know I’m putting on size as I can’t fit my size 8 jeans over my quads & bum anymore haha! I’m pretty active hitting just under 20,000 steps easily daily! I do feel all around better! Loving the food tips and affiliate page Kate is some cook!! As a PT myself here is  so much you have taught me through your Facebook group that I apply all the time!”


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