“The knowledge and support I’ve received as a long term member of the Affiliate has enabled me to improve my relationship with food.”

I’ve learned so much in the last two years since joining the Affiliate. Dealing with the usual ups and downs of life. I’ve been guided by Larry and Kate in how to approach wellness no matter the circumstances. Goals change, as life can throw us curveballs. I started this journey with losing some belly fat in mind. I learned how to lose some fat. I also learned how to perform exercises correctly and efficiently. But the most valuable lesson of all was I learned how to approach my wellbeing with a calm confidence. Personally I really needed this as I had struggled for years. Never understanding the emotional impact my eating habits we’re having on me. Every problem I’ve had there has always been a solution either from Larry, Kate or within the group. Even now in these unusual circumstances, the sense of togetherness in the group is strong. I’m grateful to be a part of it, now more than ever.

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