“I am a different person since starting, from my mental health to my confidence with food, training & my appearance is totally changed for the better & I couldn’t be happier.”

I started with the guys over 12 months ago on the Affiliate. I started mainly due to my previous lifestyle being a constant battle of over training, under eating leading to constant burn out & then binging & back to square one, I knew I had to get out of this vicious cycle. When I started the guys thought me how to enjoy food & make delicious recipes, how to train efficiently and effectively with 4 days a week, the importance of sleep & the importance of recovery/downtime – the last two being something I wouldn’t even consider being relevant. I’d seen the benefits of this after just a few weeks, I knew I had made a solid choice. The guys then thought me the concept of a lean bulk (something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before), as I wanted to build strength & muscle – with future hope of doing a photoshoot. I completed this phase successfully over a 5-month period, gaining 12lbs.

Then I began a cut for approx. 14/16 weeks to complete the shoot,which the guys both guided me through too. I cut back 14lbs in this space of time, being in a shape I would only have dreamed of ever being in, all while still enjoying my food and enjoying my training. Larry & Kate were both incredible during both phases always checked in with me & had no issues answering any questions I had for them.

Now, after having the best guidance over the past 1.5 years, I am currently not tracking as extensively as before, due to the phenomenal coaching from the guys and enjoying my training as much as ever – I would never have seen myself in the position I am today if it was not for Kate & Larry, if I could show my 18 year old self how easy and enjoyable it actually is. Larry and Kate’s knowledge & expertise are second to none and their dedication to their clients is incredible, I cannot recommend them or thank them enough!

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