Over the two years I have been working with Larry he has stayed true to this philosophy – HEALTH comes first ALWAYS!!

After my first season competing as a bikini athlete, I knew I needed to find myself a new coach. I wanted someone who would view me as an individual and not just a generic “bikini chick.”

I had heard only positive reports about Larry and so I reached out for help.

The first thing that Larry made clear was that competing in a show would not happen, unless my body and mind was in a healthy place to do so.

Larry is not just concerned with getting me lean for stage – anyone could do that. He sees the bigger picture and the coaching Larry provides goes way beyond nutritional and training advice. I don’t think I could ever fully put in to words what he has done for me. His knowledge and expertise is second to none but this is only complimented by the care and dedication Larry shows to each and every one of his clients.

Under his guidance, in 2019 I became Miss Bikini Ireland and in 2020 will take to the International Stage.

I am proud to be an athlete of Larry Doyle Coaching.

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