My confidence and strength is in the best place they have ever been.

So here I am 7 months and 8 kilos later, something I never thought I’d be proud to say. I’d just about recovered from a lower body injury when I reached out to Larry back in August 2020. My lower half had vanished as you can see 😂 Between lockdown, injury and lack of confidence after training and strenght went down hill I was feeling so down in myself and just lost, I needed someone to take over and guide me. And as a coach myself know exactly the positive outcomes that can bring.
I think if Larry told me I’d be gaining 8 kilos and eating 3000 cals daily I would of ran a mile 🤣 But here we are, confidence and strenght in the best place they have ever been. But its not just a matter of eating more, and that’s where I found the guidance fantastic. Digestion, rest, sleep, training with progressive overload always in mind, I could talk for days here. Its been far from an easy ride but its been worth it.
Something I’m so passionate about myself is removing the fear of these phases away from females, the extra food, getting comfortable not been comfortable and stepping outside that safety net. Hoping these pictures can show and inspire others to do the same and remind people that constant dieting is not how you build strenght, “tone up”, build glutes and overall muscle mass. Weight will go on, fat will go on, the food must be ate, thats all part of it.
Excited now to strip things back with a dieting phase over the next few weeks and see exactly what we have done. And I can confirm I am 100% in a far better place since starting this journey, thank you Larry.

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