I find I have energy every day to deal with a young baby at home and get the 3-5 workouts in weekly so I’m delighted with my progress!

So I started around the end of January and have lost 3kg since. I started out on fat loss macro’s and still stick to them, however nowadays I find myself happy with the progress I’m making (muscle ‘definition’ is getting better each week) so I’ve tended not to even track my macros anymore. I solely use MFP for tracking my protein intake just to make sure I hit that. I’m sure I could be more aggressive and rigid with my tracking and lose weight even faster, but the way I’m operating now feels much more relaxed to me and is much better for my adherence. I find I make the right choices daily when it comes to what I eat, and if I have a takeaway at the weekend I know how to pull back on some cals elsewhere to make up for this.

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