It’s the best money I’ve spent in the health and fitness “world”.

I heard of the affiflate through a friend, She recommended it to me at a time when I couldn’t escape the” diet mentality” and my own “binge, restrict cycle”, despite my best efforts. I didn’t know what to expect but I definitely didn’t expect to learn, grow and achieve as much as I have with the help and support of Larry and Kate and the amazing platform they have built via the Affiliate.
When I first saw posts from Larry in relation to the affiflate, I remember seeing “it’s the last diet plan” you will ever need… A huge statement in a world where diet culture is rife with fad diets and unsustainable programmes, “8 week shred” and every other plan imaginable. But in truth, the affiliate honestly is where the book stops. Don’t join to expect a spoon fed meal plan. There is no growth, sustainability or enjoyment there. What Larry and Kate offer via the affiliate is truth and genuine knowledge about food, macro nutrient guidance and the ability to build your diet to suit your own goals. This for me was massive. The guys are also excellent professionals in many ways – particularly when I opened up about struggles with emotional eating / binge restrict cycle. They were able to refer me to expert resources which worked hand in hand with the training and nutrition support they offered, daily.
The affiflate is so accesible, suitable for beginners who have never heard the term “macronutrient”, right up to fitness savy gym fanatics. Their online content, support groups, layout in general and Kates super handy and easy Instagram page where she features lots of gorgeous recipes are all brilliant. And most of all, realistic. If you put the time in, and follow the guidance, you will go from learning about my fitness pal and how to track, to learning how to eyeball food and truly understanding it, without feeling like a slave to tracking every morsel of food. I managed to get to this mindset in only 2 short months with these guys.
Larry and Kate have a great thing going with this affiliate and such good value.

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