“Its the best investment I’ve ever made, I’ve seen more progress in the last 3 months than in the previous 2 years!”

I’m going into my forth month on the Affiliate and over the last three months my strength has gone up and my relationship with food has really improved. I don’t have guilt associated with eating certain types of foods and my digestion has drastically increased thanks to all the tips from Larry and Kate. In the gym, I feel more confident having my plan each month. I’ve learned more with regards to tempo and quality and it has made such a difference to my body. I’m so happy I signed up its so much more than just a gym plan.

I feel less pressure and more confidence going into the gym. I have my plan I know what I’m doing going in and I have the Vimeo videos when I’m not sure how to do something (honestly the videos give me so much confidence)

I feel I’m more accountable in my food choices but I don’t feel the pressure if I eat a bar of chocolate I’ve failed. Been with a coach in the past that included a strict meal plan and weekly check ins I had a guilt associated with food if I ate off the plan. Now, I make the best choices I can everyday and if I want some apple tart in my nanny’s house I’ll have it!! I’m only accountable to myself and I really feel its made a big difference in my attitude towards food.

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