I lost over 10kg, got way leaner but my main thing was my attitude toward food became normal.

Before Larry, I had a terrible binge eating problem, where I would indulge in 10,000 calories at least daily through chocolate and sweets easily and then I would feel awful for days but the cycle continued binge, say that’s it no more then repeat. Literally had no control! Over the 30 weeks, I ended up achieving my goals and more. I feel myself again and rediscovered my love for training. I enjoyed eating out and more normal food whilst achieving goals.  Larry enabled me to gain a healthy relationship with food which was the ultimate goal! I do not have any will to binge anymore and I can understand my body more and now can understand what is hunger and what is emotional/ boredom eating. Alongside helping me create a long term healthier relationship with food I also achieved a lot of fitness goals. I ran a Spartan race, Tough Mudder and did a fitness competition whilst losing weight/ bodyfat and feeling awesome.  I also work part-time and have college full time so Larry has been very accommodative and worked with me to help me manage life with all training and food! Despite my v busy life, we still hit PRs nearly weekly.  Larry has been such a major help in 2018 to me, guided me through the struggles and coached me to reach all my goals.
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