I lost 12 kilos and I am now eating 2,500+ cals per day.

I reached out to Larry in March 2018. I had been with a PT for over a year, tried every diet there was. I thought being with a PT I would achieve results I wanted. I was paying through the roof, they didn’t show up for sessions, and didn’t give me tools I needed, so I basically threw my money away.

When I got in touch with Lar, there was no harsh sale. He asked me what my goals were, fat loss of course. Not only have I lost 12 kilos, I have learned so much more. I sleep at least 8-9 hours per night, I learned to chew my food, resulting in better digestion. My stress levels are very low, I very rarely stress. I learned to take time out for myself and took up reading to now I cannot put a book down. My training has improved so much better, I am stronger than ever. I became an adult about food choices, I made myself accountable for every choice I made weather it was good or bad!  At 1st I was afraid to eat all the food but I had to trust Lar. I have had holidays, night out, big events, and Christmas. I used the tools Lar gave me to be adult about it so I made the better choices. I have had bad days but I didn’t beat myself up as I would have before, I take responsibility for my actions and move on. As everyone I’m very busy I’m a mother of 2 and I also work. The choices I make now are life long for myself and my family.  Last week Lar recommended I move to affiliate coaching as he thought that was best for me, as he always does puts his clients 1st and not his pocket!  I’ve enjoyed every minute with Lar and Kate, I love watching their posts especially Kate as a girl it’s easy to relate to her stories! They are both an awesome, honest and hardworking team and deserve all the success in the future! Would I recommend this team absolutely!  I’m a hairdresser who builds relationships with their clients on a daily basis just like Lar and Kate and I’m telling the 40+ clients a week about them along with everyone I know!  Thank you both for everything. I look forward to continuing to work with you, and wish you both all the success you deserve!

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