I learn at least one new thing every week and I have become a lot less stressed about food

I experience very little guilt around food now and has come from the knowledge and guidance of Larry & Kate . I know how to fuel my body & I now understand I have control over my choices and to not let food control me.  I train max 4 times in a week, but right now its 3! I used to be so stressed about not training everyday but I see the rewards in active rest and recovery and I’m able to kill sessions as my body is recovered. I have been with the affiliate now since Sept 2018, taking a short break over summer 2019 due to travels, but I continued to follow the workouts when I could. Its been the best investment I’ve ever made and continues to be. I have achieved my own goals (various ones) throughout my time in the affiliate programme. I played my most powerful football (county level) and I learned so much about how to rest my body correctly and also the lifestyle factors that can hinder progress. I absolutely love receiving the email at the start of each month! Ye (Larry and Kate) will never know the true gratitude I have for ye, ye have changed so much of my outlook, & I am so glad ye are the coaches ye are. Thank you!

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