How to lose 50lbs diet fat loss Ireland

Down 50lbs and we’re not done yet…

I joined the affiliate around 2 years ago, however I only count it from October 2021 as that’s when I really decided to put the work in, and my number one takeaway from my experience thus far is that it works wonders if you work with it!
Larry’s relationship with me and his other clients is second to none. He readily makes himself available through his Facebook group and through DMs and Emails. His feedback is super in depth and knowledgeable and not once have I ever felt like I was taking up any of his time, it felt like every time I spoke with him he was delighted to give me his time, every time. And that feeling is something that you can’t put a price on!
Life is long and it’s meant to be lived. There will be pints here, a cake there, a pizza here, and a city break in-between it all where the last thing you think about is your macros. Rather than guilt you, he’ll ask you how you got on and if you enjoyed yourself, then he will reassure you that you’ve not fallen off any imaginary wagon
I was around 125kg and am now currently sitting at around 102-ish-kg in the span of the nearly 2 years, and I can say with full confidence that I won’t see numbers that high, or feel the way I once felt again thanks to the lifestyle changes which were achieved through the help and guidance I’ve received from Larry.
A number on a scale is very minor however, and the improvements within my overall health have improved ten fold in the past 2 years. The most important thing for me personally however is how much more my self esteem and confidence has improved, thanks to the changes in my appearance, which is a feeling that I truly can’t describe.
I would recommend Larry Doyle Coaching to anyone looking to make lifestyle changes from any walk of life. Regardless of if you’re someone who gyms regularly, or haven’t ever been in a gym, if you feel like you’re ready to make changes in your lifestyle then take full advantage of Larry, it works if you work it!
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