Aidan got in his best shape to celebrate being cancer free…

Having suffered testicular cancer twice in my 20’s my goal was to be in the best shape of my life for my 30th birthday. The goal was big, something I never achieved before. I contacted Larry about a year out from my photoshoot date.

I needed a solid coach on my side to keep me on the straight and narrow and I knew Larry would be able to step up to that role.  Already having a good idea of what I was doing, he decided after the initial consultation,  that I would be better off continuing to do my own thing for a few more months before taking him on as a coach. Immediately this built my trust in Larry as I didn’t feel like I was being sold or pressured into something that I didn’t yet need. When the time came I reached back out to Larry and we got to work on finalising my prep for my photoshoot.

Every week was generally a cruise and Larry altered things as needed . We communicated well throughout and used both our knowledge to help me get to the condition I got to. 

But, in the final few weeks, I followed all advice and guidance. It was such a relief not having to think for myself and listen and follow Larry’s experience. I followed the plan and with Larry’s trained eye we landed the plane and executed my goal of being in the shape of my life. I’ll have these photos and experience of getting this lean for the rest of my life to look back on.

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