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Join our online client food management hub. Remove food stress and increase success with your food knowledge, skills and independence.

LD member since May 2018

Mrs Dillons Experience

“I’ve learned so much in the last two years since joining the Affiliate. I started this journey with losing some belly fat in mind. But the most valuable lesson of all was I learned how to approach my wellbeing with a calm confidence. The knowledge and support I’ve received as a long term member of the Affiliate has enabled me to improve my relationship with food. Personally I really needed this as I had struggled for years. Never understanding the emotional impact my eating habits we’re having on me. Every problem I’ve had there has always been a solution either from Larry, Kate or within the group. Even now in these unusual circumstances, the sense of togetherness in the group is strong. I’m grateful to be a part of it, now more than ever!”

What you will learn

  • How to cook simple everyday recipes.
  • How to diet without restriction. 
  • How to reduce stress and anxiety around food. 
  • How to eat out and enjoy social occasions will still keeping on track with your fitness goal.
  • How to manage the weekend. 
  • How to track and count macros.

Increase your food knowledge, understanding and empowerment for life! 

Get support from our vibrant Facebook Group Community which has been helping others just like for you over 7 years! 

This is a subscription service. Your first month is €25 (normally €30 saving nearly 20% with Mrs Dillon) and ongoing membership is €9.99 monthly. 

Before signing up, please click here to read the Waiver of Liability

€25 for the first month then €9.99/month

If you are looking for Training from me too – join the Affiliate. You get access to all this food content too! 

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