With Larrys guidance I went from over 200lbs to now sitting at 165lbs, having completed my first marathon and photo shoot while following a vegan diet.

I met Larry first at 16, first person to show me around a Gym. After two years of training I went to college where fitness and health wasn’t a priority and for various reasons gained a lot of weight. 250lbs at my heaviest. I tried training on my own for 2 years to get back in shape but I quickly realised I needed a helping hand which I more than found with Larry!

Under Larrys guidance I learned more than I ever thought I would about Training, food, sleep, mobility, a balanced lifestyle amongst so many other things and with this guidance I am now sitting at 165lbs, having completed my first Marathon and photo shoot.

I must add this was all done on a vegan diet (vegan since 15). I am not someone who pushes veganism, I only mention this for those who think it’s impossible to gain muscle, lose fat and run marathons on a vegan diet. It just takes a bit of research and willingness to learn a new way and I’d be lying if I said proving the people who said it’s impossible wrong, wasn’t a small driving force in this journey!🤷‍♂️.

Thank you Larry, thank you Kate, you’ve done more for me than I can begin to express! I’m very happy to be able to call Larry a friend!

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