To date I’m down 13kg and my outlook on training and diet has completely changed, for the better!

I started on the Affiliate in February with a goal to lose body fat and improve my diet in general, to date I’m down 13kg.

Reached a point where I’m pretty ready for lean bulk,couldn’t be happier with the progress pics from the start to now. It’s so good to see the hard work that’s been put in has paid off in this first phase. Feel so much better in myself, sleeping better, less stress, eating soooo much better and my relationship with food is night and day from what it was the past few years.

I’ve also learned to REST, before the Affiliate I was training as much as I could sometimes 7 day’s a week but just wasn’t getting results, now I take my rest days and enjoy my down time just as much as training!

Just want to say thanks so much to both of you for the time and effort you put in to all this it’s helped me along no end!!

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