The training programme is AMAZING – they look super easy but they’re not – really effective, always under an hour and also feel them the next day.

I initially joined for the monthly training programme but its made me think of so much more other than just what I do in the gym. I have no problem with exercise, if anything I over-train as gym / running / classes are a habit and I love training, its everything else that needs my attention. Nutrition wise I eat a lot – I am active so it was a question of me factoring in more veg and fruit which I have done really well and also focusing more on protein. The wheels of digestion have never been so good, at least once, sometimes twice a day. I eat SO much more veg and now miss it when I don’t have it along with fruit (those evil sugar carbs lol) and this I feel is a healthy way to be.The tracker sheet is invaluable – I love it and it prompts me to loook at previous weeks to see what i was doing more / less of etc. I’m going into Christmas and 2020 with a better mindset – this is long-term and these changes I’m gradually making will be life long habits and I am 100% on board with it. Hopefully next year I’ll lose a few pounds but its not my life’s mission at the moment – health is wealth.

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