“I have seen major improvement in my digestion and my sleep. This alone has had a major positive effect on my mood and how my body feels”

I previously had issues where I would suffer with constipation and bloating but now have regular movements every morning. I put this down to the increase in vegetables and better sleep.

I’ve adopted practises from your facebook posts which have really helped. The biggest factor is leaving my phone in the kitchen at night which I thought I’d never be able to do. I can’t stress enough the difference this has made, I previously would have stayed up past midnight scrolling instagram or stuck in a conversation, and when the alarm would go off I’d “wake myself up” scrolling lose 20 minutes, then would start the day off in the rush and the entire day would be affected. I’ve pushed myself to lift heavier and have hit PBs on squats, bench press and trap-bar deadlift. I’ve been stricter on sticking to my macros / calories which I’m not finding too difficult as  I’ve completely stopped tracking vegetables and am loading up on them (taking inspiration from you and Kate’s instagram). I’m not as stressed out about trying to fit in the gym most days of the week as the plan is only 4 days and in turn feel better. The decrease in stress and having time to do other things I previously couldn’t has been a major positive.”


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