The Affliate is just what I had been looking for, I have got a huge amount from it and I’m really really loving it so far!

I love the workouts. I love that it’s done for you and it’s there at the start of the month ready to go. I love that assurance that a professional has designed it so I’m getting whatever muscles etc I need to be getting at the right reps and sets. It’s that confidence that I’m getting a proper workout done at home (which is great for me) but overseen by someone who knows what they’re doing. I would consider my self pretty knowledgeable when it comes to eating right but that has come with a lot of black and white thinking. So carbs bad etc (I’m sure you’re familiar!) And I’ve relaxed a lot in terms of what I’m eating. I’m focusing a lot more on just the macros, protein and the calories. To be honest I didn’t think I’d get much out of the eating side of things and I have got a huge amount from it. So as you can probably tell from my ramblings I’m really really loving it so far.

The mindset change has been such a game changer. I am the WORST for thinking I missed a workout ok may as well just just start next week. Or I had a slice of bread start again tomorrow and then downward spiral when you do the same thing the next day. This mindset change has been friggin awesome actually and I can’t thank you enough. I mean it’s obvious but you do seem to get it across so well in those wonderful facebook motivational speeches!!!

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