Over 4 months I lost 30lbs, my energy levels went up, my quality of life and outlook vastly improved. I feel a lot more like my old self!

I have known Larry for several years (2013).  I have seen him in action many many times on the gym floor but this was my first experience of working with him (via the Affiliate).

I reached out to him at the end of July 2019 – just back from a family holiday. I have 2 young (active) kids (3&7), work as a Project Manager for a large IT / Pharma company and travel quite a bit (from time to time). I have always been very active and lifted in the gym 3-4 times a week. Generally would eat well (generally) but the last 6-12 months, no real structure in terms of training or food. I also for the first time in my life didn’t have the energy I once had. With turning 40 in Feb 2020 – I decided to use this as a ‘kick in the @rse’ to myself to get myself back on track.

The affiliate makes things easy. They (Larry & Kate) give you the support to start your journey but also to maintain. It is easy information to absorb, little by little – never over complicated. I really enjoy the conditioning that is part of the plan. Now, I prioritize my 4 sessions per wk and I do meal prep again (btw no food plans are given, just high level macro breakdown, so YOU eat foods YOU enjoy – make it work for you). The guy’s also share tonnes of food ideas on a daily basis. Nothing is off the table, it is up to you to mange how & what you eat.

The next stage for myself is to go into an ‘improvement cycle’ which will also see me eating a LOT more food ……I cannot wait for this!!

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