“Now I have learned about counting macros, I have so much more flexibility while being able to stay on track. It doesn’t feel like I’m on a constant diet.”

I know this sounds dramatic, but before when I was on a set meal plan I felt like I had to sick to that, I said no to a lot of things or if I did go out for dinner or drinks I would feel awful guilt. One of the reasons I signed up to this was to try get a better grasp of my food choices and not be tied to a strict meal plan. Before I tended to binge a lot or if I ate one thing that wasn’t on my plan or something “”bad”” I would use it as an excuse to write the day off and eat whatever I wanted. Now I still have some days that I over do it but a lot less, since learning how to track macros and what my targets are I can now factor different foods in that I enjoy. I’ve always enjoyed going to the gym but I used to get bored easily as I was doing the same things over and over but now that I’m getting a new plan every month and changing things up. I’m loving going to the gym these days, I’ve really started to push myself more too, and I track all my weights I’m doing and every week trying to push it a bit further even if it’s just for a couple of extra reps. My confidence has come on so much more. I have gotten a lot more confident in myself since starting, I’m still a long way from where I want to be but I’m really happy with the process for far and looking forward to seeing the results for the next few months”


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