I’ve just finished my first 12 weeks with Larry, dropping 11kgs and to say I’m happy with the progress would be a massive understatement!

When I started with Larry in May 19 I was not in a good place with with my relationship with food and / or training. Training felt like a choir which I wasn’t enjoying at all. My food was repetitive & boring which led to many binges and creating a yo-yo relationship with my progress with getting two steps forward and then 3 steps back!

As a personal trainer, gen pop think we’re invincible & always in good shape. I was going through some very stressful times in work & I was looking after everyone and everything but myself . Business came first and my own health, mind & body was put on hold. I quickly packed on the body fat, stopped training & was eating thousands of calories per day, the worst rut I’ve ever been in.

From the get go with Larry I felt so relieved & reassured that I had guidance for once. Everything was broken down so simple & easy to understand , the smallest changes Larry introduced me to made the biggest impact. I never knew stress, sleep, digestion all played such a massive part in ones progress! I was dropped Knowledge bombs on a daily basis & each check in every week things got so much easier & better. My training was going better than ever, my strength shot up & my meals were so much more satisfying and varied than before, it was like a whole new world. More importantly my sleep, stress management, energy & digestion was all on point which made a massive difference as opposed to when I was getting 4-5 hours of broken sleep per night.

I’ve just finished my first 12 weeks with Larry, dropping 11kgs and to say I’m happy with the progress ( not results ) would be a massive understatement. It has been an investment in myself if anything & I cannot wait to continue under his guidance for the foreseeable future! Larry tough love approach really works wonders, just when you think you’re getting comfortable or start to slip into old habits you’ll soon get a slap of realisation to get you back on track, he is one of a kind!

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