I’m down from 64kg to 60kg and I do not feel like I am dieting.Really enjoying the whole process and could not recommend enough!

When joining the affiliate in August I was aware I had a lot of social events coming up so I wanted to maintain self control and be accountable for the food/exercises choices I was going to make. In October I moved to Australia and travelled for 6 weeks before settling in Melbourne where I’m currently on the job hunt. A lot of stressors and uncontrollables within this time and without the Affiliate I would 100% have just hit the fuckit button and eaten everything in sight! Between Larry and Kate’s advice and the support of the Facebook Group I learned the tools I needed to stay on track. The Affiliate has given me self control – learning not to hit the fuck it button. Instead learning how to manage calorie intake throughout the week while still having the food I love.
I’m excited to go to the gym – before the programme my workouts were so monotonous, now with the workouts switching every 4 weeks it keeps it interesting and definitely challenging  I now realise that weight loss isn’t simply diet and exercise alone – I’ve learned to factor in stress, sleep and recovery.

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