“I just wanted to be fit and healthy and happy. The Affiliate System has been the perfect answer.”

Before joining the Affiliate I was spiraling in the gym, my structure was loose and a little bit aimless. Adherence was an issue, but I didn’t necessarily want to jump into a full on 1:1 training programme as I don’t have any huge “goals” to achieve. Every month like clockwork there is a new programme, keeping things fresh, interesting and ensuring I have progression. If I do slip or have a down week, that’s ok. I don’t have to spiral for weeks, I can just get right back to it. The Facebook group is amazing, whether you lurk or interact there is always an interesting conversation. €30 is nothing compared to what is being offered in this programme. It has become my anchor, when I spiral away I just pull up my big girl pants and get back to the programme. Love it.”


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