“I just feel better in myself and sooo much more confident! I love myself now!”

“I have gone from a size 12 jeans to a comfortable size 10. My face has gotten significantly slimmer and I’ve had lots of comments telling me the same. Binging in the evening times used to be a huge problem for me after coming in from work but since starting with Larry and becoming more aware of food, that’s stopped and I have meals spread out evenly throughout the day that keep me satisfied. I love the sense of community at LD coaching from everyone it really makes such a difference being involved in something with people with the same mindset as me. For me the biggest changes since starting the Affiliate coaching have been mindset changes. I used to panic if I ever went out for lunch or dinner and couldn’t track food but since starting with Larry I’ve become more aware and am now able to make informed food choices and have stopped being obsessed with tracking everything into MFP.”


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