“I have been most impressed by Larrys genuine care for the health of his clients and his no BS approach.”

In September 2018, I went to Lar with the goal of adding some lean mass along with improving things like digestion, training quality and my relationship with food. After spending 7/8 months in a surplus, we pushed calories to 800/1000 higher than I ever had before (something extremely difficult if you’ve ever been obese & have had a fear of putting on the weight again). Alongside this, my digestion significantly improved with more awareness around meal timing and my food choices, as well as improving my lifestyle tenfold. I was able to enjoy more meals out & social events with those who mean most, increase my energy levels and improve work quality, along with having a higher life satisfaction. After getting to a stage where we were happy with the tissue added & with a summer holiday in mind, we began to put a plan in place entering a controlled deficit phase to tighten things up.

As I write this I am now “finished” up working on a 1-1 basis with Lar and on my way to the sun for a well deserved break from work & life in general. One of the things I have been most impressed by Lar is his genuine care for the health of his clients and his no BS approach. I am a far more educated, aware and confident person than I was even 10 months ago. I can’t thank Lar enough for his alignment with my goals (these non sexy wins are often something which get kicked to the curb when people think about working with a “PT” or a “Coach”).

Of course as a by product I am looking the leanest and fittest I have ever looked which is a “nice to have”. We’re down 10+ kg from March 2019 and I haven’t been this light (73.5kg) since I was 10 or 11 years old! Considering I’ve completely changed my lifestyle and body composition this is also a huge win for me.

As I move forward I now better understand how my body functions, what my stress triggers are, why/when to train, how important rest is for me to be at my best, and how vital it is to make time to switch off from the world. After the 10 months on the 1-1 Programme, I’m very much looking forward to enjoying my holiday and progressing onwards with Lar on the Affiliate programme from September.

Forever grateful to team LD! Larry & Kate – you’re awesome!

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