“I get so excited when I see someone wearing an LD Hoodie … instantly friends!”

The Facebook group and the feeling of belonging to such an amazing community, I love logging on to see the interaction. I am forever learning and picking up tips from both of you so thank you!!! You are undercharging and over delivering and it’s so great to see! Having a solid programme to follow, it’s so easy to do ‘what you fancy’ when you’re tired but having this programme keeps me on track! Mentally I feel like I have much more control of my training and of my food. Although I don’t really track macros, I feel like I have better control over my health and I’m more aware of my food choices. I have been really focusing on health instead of just fat loss and I feel more confident in my own skin because of that.  The quality of the information given by Larry and Kate can’t be beaten! I have definitely prioritised least mode a lot more since joining the Affiliate and really enjoy it!!!! NATURE IS AWESOME!!!!”


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