I dropped 30lbs within 4 months of becoming a mom by following Larry’s guidance on the Affiliate

I joined affiliate almost 3 years ago with the goal of dropping one dress size.

I dropped that very quickly then got pregnant shortly after, but stayed working out and eating healthy, gave birth to a very healthy baby and spent 6 months breastfeeding with no issue, dropped 30lbs within 4 months of becoming a mom, and changed my goals along the way.

I went from wanting to drop a dress size, to running 10k and going from squatting 8kg to now doing 55kg I eat takeaway most weekends and a few glasses of wine with zero restriction and no guilt, I still ask questions every week in Larrys  Q and A and I’m not anywhere near done yet!

Old goal: drop a dress size.
New goal: knock 7 mins off my 10k run time, and squat and deadlift my own body weight with my main focus on health and fitness!!

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