“I can’t thank them enough for their help over the past year not just changing me physically however helping to change my own mentality”

When I first joined I had some bad food habits that I needed to overcome . I lacked motivation to go training as I was stuck in such a rut with the same old routine. Kate and Larry helped me overcome my issues in several ways, the main one was a new program every month which kept me motivated, I wasn’t killing myself with tones of cardio and I began to feel “healthy” in my body and head. I would never call the provided program to a “diet” , its more intuitive eating in order to make healthy choices, your given your macros in food and get more bang for your book by eating all the veg ( which should never be tracked !!!) and top that with whatever you fancy from your macros . You want dark chocolate thats fine its got some good fats .. but you track. The simplistic no bull approach is why they are becoming so well known in the fitness business. I can’t thank them enough.

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