I am loving the training! I am down 4kg, down cm everywhere and really happy with my progress so far!

I have really enjoyed my time so far. I have done 12 week programs before and got good results, but because I was checking in weekly I would find myself becoming obsessive and getting upset if I slipped up with food or missed a training session, where as the affiliate has taught me about taking responsibility and moving on, and enjoying the process! I think it is really good value for money considering its a new program every month and lots of tips/recipes/q&a’s etc! I recently squat 70kg for 5×5, bench pressed 30kg (this is a big thing for me as this was never a good lift for me). I’m not too hard on myself if i make a bad food choice or miss a couple of gym sessions for whatever reason. I find not checking in with weight/measurements weekly puts less pressure on me. I do it every couple of weeks for myself and am delighted with the results so far!

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