“Best decision I’ve made in years, I’ve lost a huge 9kg in 10 weeks”

After competing in powerlifting for the past 5 years or so I told my self I had to put on weight to get strong which resulted in some strength gains and a whole lot of fat gains…after a chat with Larry about my health I decided to jump on the Affiliate “team”. I say team because there is so much support from Larry Kate and the rest of the Affiliates.
Just from learning about foods rather than being told don’t eat certain foods I’ve lost a huge 9kg in 10 weeks but push the weight loss to one side my over all health is vastly improving, sleeping better and I have much more energy. Driving for a living I was only doing 2-4k steps a day I now hit 10 -14k a day not because I have to but because I want too.

If any one is on the side line it will be the best decision you will make,Larry and Kate give you the tools and allow you to progress at your own pace,no pressure just help.

For me my over all experience so far has been great. I love the fact if I ask a question it doesn’t just get answered your self and Kate go in to great detail with everything. I have also learned more about building a healthy relationship with food carbs especially. I think the Insta page is brilliant, seeing everyone’s results keeps me motivated!!

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