18kg down – Joining the affiliate programme was one of the best decisions of my life.

“I joined Larrys affiliate program at the start of 2021 because I wanted some consistency in my life. I play a lot of sports and have been gyming since I was 15 (10 years) so there was always stages every year where I would do pretty well and be in good shape but by the end of every year I would be back at square 1, out of shape and unhappy.
First thing that drew me towards Larry was his straight shooting, he always told it how it was but not in an ignorant way but more of an informative way. On joining the affiliate he send you a few weeks of different information and videos you need to watch and within all this it literally tells you everything you need to know. Within this you get your recommend calories. From here he sends a new workout plan every month in which he changes it up which keeps things interesting but also ensure there’s constant progress.
The workouts are tough (split squats are the devil) but they are enjoyable and at the end of each workout you feel unreal. Outside of the workouts there is a weekly check in post on Facebook where you talk about how your week went and also send in a screenshot of an excel tracker given with the information at the start. This excel tracker just keeps you honest and accountable and is super helpful.
The big thing though is Larry is always available for questions whether it be on Facebook or Instagram. He always replies timely and will do all he can to help your query. Joining the affiliate programme was one of the best decisions of my life. All the tips and knowledge I’ve gained from Larry I bring into not only my life but the lives of the people around me and the positive changes they’ve all made from these small things have been life changing for them.
I couldn’t recommend Larry enough not only for people already into fitness but for all people whether your looking to start out or just ready to make a healthy change in your life 🙌🏼”.
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