Social Distancing and Sanitisation Guidelines

Group Personal Training at Larry Doyle Coaching

All Group Training Clients must read and agree to the following Guidelines. Your health and safety, along with the health and safety of our trainers is of utmost importance. 

Group Training Protocol

  1. You should not attend a training session if you are feeling unwell or experiencing Covid-like symptoms as listed on the HSE website. Temperature checks, using an infrared forehead thermometer gun, will be done during the week at the trainers discretion. 
  2. All clients must only attend their pre-agreed training time slot – this is to reduce the number of contacts within the gym setting. We will maintain an attendance register to allow for contact tracing in the future. 
  3. All clients must follow the separate entry and exit doors – entry will be via the main front door, straight upstairs for the 1st half of training, and then downstairs for the 2nd half of training and exit via the rear exit door please watch this video prior to attending
  4. Please do not park directly in-front of the roller door and the exit fire door as access to both will be required. 
  5. Please bring only essential items with you to the gym (car keys, water bottle, towel, hand sanitiser) – bags and other personal belongings will not be permitted onto the gym floor. 
  6. All clients must wash their hands at the sink in the bathroom downstairs or use sanitiser on arrival prior to commencing their training session. Sanitiser will be available on the stations upstairs.
  7. All clients must stick to their own training bay and use only their designated training equipment and follow the guidance of the trainer. 
  8. All clients must clean down their equipment at their station with the spray bottles provided prior to moving downstairs for the remainder of their training session. 
  9. All clients will clean down their equipment prior to exit downstairs and avoid crossover with the next group of training clients. 
  10. At this time the shower is not available for use.
  11. All clients will adhere to the social distance of 2m as much as practically possible.
  12. All clients will follow the HSE hygiene etiquette by covering their mouth while coughing, sneezing into their elbow – full guidance can be read on the HSE website.  

Clients who disregard the guidelines will not be permitted to attend group training. 

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