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Aidan got in his best shape to celebrate being cancer free…

Having suffered testicular cancer twice in my 20’s my goal was to be in the best shape of my life for my 30th birthday. The goal was big, something I never achieved before. I contacted Larry about a year out from my photoshoot date. I needed a solid coach on my side to keep me

July, 2023

Not only am I in the best shape I’ve ever been in but my mindset was completely changed, towards the way I view food, calories and training.

“I started training under Larry 12 weeks ago under the recommendation of a friend and previous client of Larry. I had used coaches before and was aware of how things usually went. But this time it was different, Larry and I immediately clicked and I knew from the initial intake call that somehow this would

Matt lost 18lbs eating 3000 calories a day
June, 2023

Id recommend larry to anyone in any stage of their journey with health and fitness . It’s been awesome .

“I started with larry around the end of May 21 , been the best decision I’ve ever made for my health and understanding of things with food , when to hold off and when to up the gears. I started it all to just be a healthier version of myself and feel better in myself.

March, 2022

And for the first-time last January I didn’t diet. I actually did the opposite and started increasing calories and put a lot of focus into my training ( & recovery) with the aim of increasing lean muscle.

“Back at the same weight , leaner , maintaining my weight on higher calories with an improved body confidence & it didn’t come from just dieting! Throughout the year I went from 134-154lbs , my heaviest and my leanest. – Early Last year I went through an improvement phase- spending less time dieting, more time

January, 2022

Six months after working with Larry & I’m at 9.5% body fat, energy levels through the roof, mental clarity is sharp as a knife and feeling super.

Back in 2017, after being diagnosed with testicular cancer and needing chemotherapy, I promised myself that I would bounce back and somehow achieve the best physical shape of my life after the treatment. I set that goal for 5 years post diagnosis as that’s generally considered officially in remission. I wanted a tangible goal and

January, 2022

Larry was also very clear from the word go that he would get me in shoot shape but wouldn’t do anything to compromise my health in the process

The affiliate coaching is definitely the unintentionally best kept secret in the fitness industry. For €30 a month I had access to a new training program each month, tailored nutrition, a weekly accountability thread, a library full of training videos, video cookbooks and a online community that was so encouraging and helpful. – After my

Lisa, Wexford
July, 2021

I finished my 5 months having gone from 199lbs in jan to 173.2lbs and 12.1% body fat

I started with Larry in the start of the first lockdown last year after having a bad online coaching experience at the start of the year but wanting to find some accountability and structure in a mental time and it was one of the best decisions I made. – Larry & I set the goal

Paul, Dublin
June, 2021

My confidence and strength is in the best place they have ever been.

So here I am 7 months and 8 kilos later, something I never thought I’d be proud to say. I’d just about recovered from a lower body injury when I reached out to Larry back in August 2020. My lower half had vanished as you can see Between lockdown, injury and lack of confidence after

Orla, Waterford
April, 2021

Larrys knowledge and guidance is second to none, and its clear if you want to be the best you can be, you should be working with the best there is out there.

I have always been a pretty lean build and quite an active individual (gym, running, GAA, cycling, crossfit) Thus always having a high energy output meant weight maintenance was never an issue for me. On the other hand getting calories in and being consistent was my weakness. I contacted Larry in May of this strange

January, 2021

Larry’s knowledge, guidance and support has been such an investment for not only myself but also for my business so that I can help clients who need my support just as much as I need his.

When I first started 1-1 coaching with Larry 18 months ago I wanted to get into better shape but he taught me something far more important than aesthetics – he taught me health!! We made simple changes to improve sleep, digestion, physical recovery and he brought my awareness to the importance of destressing daily which

August, 2020

With Larrys guidance I went from over 200lbs to now sitting at 165lbs, having completed my first marathon and photo shoot while following a vegan diet.

I met Larry first at 16, first person to show me around a Gym. After two years of training I went to college where fitness and health wasn’t a priority and for various reasons gained a lot of weight. 250lbs at my heaviest. I tried training on my own for 2 years to get back

July, 2020

In my opinion Larry sets the bar for everyone in the fitness industry

I’ve been an ongoing 1-1 client of Larrys for 9 months now & previous to that had been an Affiliate for about a year- it was definitely one of the best decisions I could have made. I see Larry as not just a coach but also a mentor & could not recommend him highly enough.

July, 2020

“I came away with a great understanding of macro-tracking and general nutrition – much more valuable than cookie-cutter diet plans!”

 ‘I came to Larry wanting to get in shape for my upcoming wedding and to look as good as I possibly could in my wedding dress. I am incredibly happy with the results! Larry and Kate put such a huge emphasis on health and general well-being – I learned so much about the importance of

Zoe Farrell
May, 2020

Over the two years I have been working with Larry he has stayed true to this philosophy – HEALTH comes first ALWAYS!!

After my first season competing as a bikini athlete, I knew I needed to find myself a new coach. I wanted someone who would view me as an individual and not just a generic “bikini chick.” I had heard only positive reports about Larry and so I reached out for help. The first thing that

Jennifer Haughton
January, 2020

What made the difference was how invested Larry was in me as his client.

From day 1 working with Larry and Kate it’s been a consistent flow of great programs, a professional set up and precise nutritional guidance. It’s not a one size fits all approach, Larry got to know my day to day life and made the process unique to me. It’s finding out what worked best for

January, 2020

Is this going to be YOU?

What will YOU be writing as your success story in 6 months

December, 2019

Larry has instilled a belief that I can do whatever I set my mind to! Like all of his clients I am so lucky to have him!

When I made the decision to work with a coach there was no doubt in my mind who I wanted it to be. Larry’s expertise, experience and knowledge in the field drew me to him. Achieving incredible results while maintaining health and client focused values, in an industry where that is often neglected for the

September, 2019

I’ve just finished my first 12 weeks with Larry, dropping 11kgs and to say I’m happy with the progress would be a massive understatement!

When I started with Larry in May 19 I was not in a good place with with my relationship with food and / or training. Training felt like a choir which I wasn’t enjoying at all. My food was repetitive & boring which led to many binges and creating a yo-yo relationship with my progress

Steven Tierney
September, 2019

I now feel like I can comfortably stay on track whatever my lifestyle throws at me.Counting macros gave me freedom to cook/eat/enjoy whatever foods I felt like.

I have spent the past year working one to one with Larry and it has been absolutely amazing. I have advanced so far, not only physically and mentally – but in so many other aspects also. When I started with Larry I had just finished an extremely intense diet period. I was desperate to get

Sarah Cosgrove
September, 2019

Larry has helped bring the spark back into my life as I now have the confidence in my own body to be the best version of myself.

I joined Larry’s 1-1 coaching in October 2018 after getting myself in a long term rut of cutting calories during the week and then binging at weekends. I had previously worked with online coaches for 12 week periods before and although I got results – as in the scales went down, I never actually got

SJ Owens
September, 2019

After following Larry and seeing the attention and effort he puts into his coaching, I knew he was the coach I wanted to work with to get me in shape for my wedding day”

I started working with Larry on a 1 to 1 basis back in February 2019, ahead of my wedding which was in August. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but wanted to ‘tone up’ especially around my mid-section as my wedding dress was very fitted, all whilst remaining primarily focused on my

Emer Quinn
September, 2019

“I have been most impressed by Larrys genuine care for the health of his clients and his no BS approach.”

In September 2018, I went to Lar with the goal of adding some lean mass along with improving things like digestion, training quality and my relationship with food. After spending 7/8 months in a surplus, we pushed calories to 800/1000 higher than I ever had before (something extremely difficult if you’ve ever been obese &

July, 2019

I’ve always believe the fastest way to success is to learn from the best. Working with Larry I got to work with one of the best.

It’s been 12 years since I first entered the fitness industry as a personal trainer but it had been a few since I’d had a consistent gym routine of my own. I’d grown tired of weights and a crazy travel schedule had left me slack on my food, unprepared and eating on the go. My

April, 2019

They made the whole experience of “cutting calories” enjoyable.

As a coach myself I began 1-1 online coaching with Larry in hope to learn as much as I could while stepping into the shoes of a client for once. I had a goal to get as lean as possible in 6 months but slow and steady for a holiday. No question was too big

March, 2019

I lost over 10kg, got way leaner but my main thing was my attitude toward food became normal.

Before Larry, I had a terrible binge eating problem, where I would indulge in 10,000 calories at least daily through chocolate and sweets easily and then I would feel awful for days but the cycle continued binge, say that’s it no more then repeat. Literally had no control! Over the 30 weeks, I ended up

January, 2019

I lost 12 kilos and I am now eating 2,500+ cals per day.

I reached out to Larry in March 2018. I had been with a PT for over a year, tried every diet there was. I thought being with a PT I would achieve results I wanted. I was paying through the roof, they didn’t show up for sessions, and didn’t give me tools I needed, so

January, 2019

Working with Larry has been a life changing 6 months, looking forward to continuing this journey with him.

I can’t speak of or recommend Larry highly enough. He provides the tools to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle; suitable exercises and training plans, better understanding of nutrition and its benefits and the ability to learn how to handle life stresses and strains. Often going above and beyond helping me with any

September, 2018

Larry guided me through prep for a holiday, where I hit the beach feeling & looking good but most importantly, feeling confident in my own skin

I had been following Larry on Social Media for a while & loved reading his content. It was factual & straight to the point, hitting some home truths! In November 2017, I contacted Larry to enquire about online coaching but at the time, he had no spaces available, which I think speaks for itself. A

July, 2018

4 months With Larry totally changed how I perceive the world of training and nutrition, more than any degree or PT course has done in the past.

I was receiving coaching from Larry for a little over 4 months and I can’t speak highly enough of him and the service he provides. I was fairly happy with my start physique as I’ve always tried to stay in good shape due to Rugby, and coming from a strength and conditioning background I thought

June, 2018

I really cannot recommend Larry highly enough as he is an absolute knowledge bomb and is a true professional in his field.

I am so grateful I was in such good hands for my first bikini competition. For me, a coach isn’t someone who sends you diet plans but is someone who supports and looks after you. I can honestly say Larry did just that and more. He has taught me how to eat to properly fuel

May, 2018

Larry has an unmatched ability to draw motivation and to instil belief.

I was lucky enough to have Larry prep me for two shows as well as develop into a close friend and mentor. To say that the service and dedication that he provides to his clients goes above and beyond would be an understatement. He can not only help you follow the path to your goals

April, 2018

Signing up to be coached by Larry has probably been one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far

Most people will look at the difference between the two pictures and notice the obvious weight loss. But what they cannot see, is the improvement in sleep quality, digestion, training knowledge and overall mindfulness when it comes to approaching nutrition. So far I have completed 20 weeks under the guidance of Larry and at no

April, 2018

Working with Larry has been the best investment I have ever made for myself and is so much more to me than any before and after transformation photo.

When I started coaching with Larry I was at a very low point in my life. I had done my research and knew this was an investment I needed to make for me, and my mental health and I haven’t looked back since. Quite simply working with Larry has changed my life ten fold.  When

March, 2018

I now have more energy for life and along with all of that I’m more positive and happier too.

I have been working with Larry the past 15 weeks and I honestly couldn’t be happier with my results so far – I was going through a stressful time in my life and felt I needed a bit of help with my nutrition and training – my goal was to drop some body fat and

February, 2018

I can weigh myself and it doesn’t bother me its just a number not my value as a person.

Before I started training under Larry I was lacking in confidence both inside and outside of the gym, restrictive around certain food groups and terrified by the number on the scales. I wanted an online coach as I felt I wasn’t getting the most out of my training and at times a little lost From

December, 2017

Larry’s knowledge and experience are why I chose him as a coach. He has walked the walk as well as talked the talk over the last number of years.

As an owner of 2 PT studios I have always worked long hours but always managed to fit my training in somehow. However, after the birth of my daughter I found it extremely difficult to get motivated with lack of sleep, trying to juggle everything. When I finally decided to pull myself out of a

June, 2017

I would highly recommend working with this man to get you in the best shape of your life as he is like a book of knowledge.

I went to Larry with one simple plan to get me in the best condition possible in 16 weeks. I have known Larry’s work for some time now and knew he was the man to help me achieve my goals through his training and nutrition plans and he did not disappoint. I knew it would

May, 2017

He’s a top class coach and goes above and beyond for his clients.

I approached Larry for the typical lose body fat and to ‘tone’ etc but what I got in return was so much more, yes my body composition changed dramatically. Could I be happier with my appearance…of course us ladies are never happy with some body part!! Coming from a powerlifting background my training changed and

March, 2017
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