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Want to move away from the cycle of ‘stop start” dieting? Want to learn about macros and make informed food decisions? Want challenging training where you constantly improve and get stronger? Want an approach that doesn’t feel like a diet and where you can still fit in social occasions?

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Kate Kelly, co-founder of Larry Doyle Coaching.

Ready to transform your body, your health, your mindset and your life?

The Affiliate is an affordable €30 monthly subscription for those who want sustainable long term results with a real life approach.

What our affiliates ladies say

I am now 6 months training with Larry and 14kg down, and 6kg lower than my pre-pregnancy weight.

sustainable fat loss
I started the affiliate program when I was 12 weeks postpartum after my second child. The Affiliate gave me the structure I needed to get back into training, tracking my calories / macros and great weekly accountability from the check-ins which was ideal because they were quick and straight to the point. It’s great because

November, 2022

It feels really good to look in the mirror and like what I see, it’s even better to feel as good as I do on the inside, that’s where the real transformation has happened.

female fat loss , fit over 40 , Larry Doyle Coaching , personal trainer , transformation ,
“I’d been following Larry for a while, enjoyed the content, liked how he shared his knowledge, gave honest answers…he seemed like a coach I’d enjoy working with but I hesitated for so long and really wish I would’ve reached out and started with him sooner! March 2022 was when I got to the point where

September, 2022

And for the first-time last January I didn’t diet. I actually did the opposite and started increasing calories and put a lot of focus into my training ( & recovery) with the aim of increasing lean muscle.

“Back at the same weight , leaner , maintaining my weight on higher calories with an improved body confidence & it didn’t come from just dieting! Throughout the year I went from 134-154lbs , my heaviest and my leanest. – Early Last year I went through an improvement phase- spending less time dieting, more time

January, 2022

I think as a mum it’s important to set very realistic and achievable goals; not to compare yourself to others, to feel healthy, strong and have the energy to chase after a toddler!

I’m a first time mum to a one year old. Before becoming a mum would have trained few times a week at gym classes, done some running it was all part of my routine. After baby I took it easy and soaked it all in for the first few months. Once I got the okay

January, 2022

The Affiliate has really helped me to achieve my overall goal with developing a healthier perspective towards food.

I haven’t been new to training, but I am definitely new to the perspective and mindset Larry has helped me to achieve. – The  Affiliate has really helped me to achieve my overall goal with developing a healthier perspective towards food. Rather than under fuelling my body, through education and learning Larry and Kate have

Rachel, Wicklow
September, 2021

Larry was also very clear from the word go that he would get me in shoot shape but wouldn’t do anything to compromise my health in the process

The affiliate coaching is definitely the unintentionally best kept secret in the fitness industry. For €30 a month I had access to a new training program each month, tailored nutrition, a weekly accountability thread, a library full of training videos, video cookbooks and a online community that was so encouraging and helpful. – After my

Lisa, Wexford
July, 2021

From working with Larry, I’m down 20lbs along with inches all over (8.5 on my waist alone), and I’m the healthiest and happiest I have been in years

I started the Affiliate with Larry back in January with no big expectations as I’ve always found it hard to stick to “diets”. 6 months on I look and feel like a whole new person. My relationship with my body and food had gone to the dogs. From working with Larry I can positively say

June, 2021

The Affliate is just what I had been looking for, I have got a huge amount from it and I’m really really loving it so far!

I love the workouts. I love that it’s done for you and it’s there at the start of the month ready to go. I love that assurance that a professional has designed it so I’m getting whatever muscles etc I need to be getting at the right reps and sets. It’s that confidence that I’m

May, 2021

My confidence and strength is in the best place they have ever been.

So here I am 7 months and 8 kilos later, something I never thought I’d be proud to say. I’d just about recovered from a lower body injury when I reached out to Larry back in August 2020. My lower half had vanished as you can see Between lockdown, injury and lack of confidence after

Orla, Waterford
April, 2021

I’m 6 kgs down but most importantly for me is that after 36 years I have built a healthy relationship with food.

For the first time in forever I haven’t been constantly thinking about food, my weight and criticising myself when I look in the mirror. Previous to starting the affiliate I had prepped a few times over a number of years, I loved the whole process and I love training but I was never able to

February, 2021

The Affiliate has totally changed my view on exercise and nutrition and for the first time in my life I am completely mindful of what I am eating and making good choices without feeling like I’m missing out.

I started the Affiliate two months ago feeling quite low if I’m honest. For the last few months of 2020 I could feel my weight slowly increase and I felt crap but was doing nothing about it. I’ve never been great in sticking with the gym anyway so there’s no point in me saying those

February, 2021

It’s the best money I’ve spent in the health and fitness “world”.

I heard of the affiflate through a friend, She recommended it to me at a time when I couldn’t escape the” diet mentality” and my own “binge, restrict cycle”, despite my best efforts. I didn’t know what to expect but I definitely didn’t expect to learn, grow and achieve as much as I have with

November, 2020

I dropped 30lbs within 4 months of becoming a mom by following Larry’s guidance on the Affiliate

I joined affiliate almost 3 years ago with the goal of dropping one dress size. I dropped that very quickly then got pregnant shortly after, but stayed working out and eating healthy, gave birth to a very healthy baby and spent 6 months breastfeeding with no issue, dropped 30lbs within 4 months of becoming a

October, 2020

Larry’s knowledge, guidance and support has been such an investment for not only myself but also for my business so that I can help clients who need my support just as much as I need his.

When I first started 1-1 coaching with Larry 18 months ago I wanted to get into better shape but he taught me something far more important than aesthetics – he taught me health!! We made simple changes to improve sleep, digestion, physical recovery and he brought my awareness to the importance of destressing daily which

August, 2020

In my opinion Larry sets the bar for everyone in the fitness industry

I’ve been an ongoing 1-1 client of Larrys for 9 months now & previous to that had been an Affiliate for about a year- it was definitely one of the best decisions I could have made. I see Larry as not just a coach but also a mentor & could not recommend him highly enough.

July, 2020

I feel better in myself, happy with food and getting active again.

In a short period of 3 weeks I have lost 10 & 1/2 lbs. That might seem like a-lot or noting to some but to me it has changed my whole mindset, given me focus and now I’m determined to get to my goal with the help and support of Larry Kate and the Affiliate

June, 2020

I learn at least one new thing every week and I have become a lot less stressed about food

I experience very little guilt around food now and has come from the knowledge and guidance of Larry & Kate . I know how to fuel my body & I now understand I have control over my choices and to not let food control me.  I train max 4 times in a week, but right

June, 2020

Being part of the community means its not just me on my own doing this.

The three biggest things for me: 1. Accountability- it’s not just me on my own doing this. 2. Constant touchpoints- when I open Insta you’re there, Facebook- you’re there too…emails, oh there you are again… oh my tracker!! This has been huge for me to stay motivated and accountable. 3. Mixing it up with the

June, 2020

The main result I have achieved? Treating my mind and body better. I have achieved peace by fighting binge eating off

The biggest thing for me has been learning to eat without shame or guilt and been able to deal with food without feeling bad emotions towards it. Also the exercises I’m extremely grateful for your creativity during this rough time in lockdown we are all facing. I am constantly learning from Macro Management and its application

June, 2020

I joined up with Larry and kate as I wanted more of a life style change, and you have taught me loads about food,sleep stress and your environment

I did crossfit training before going the Affiliate, I moved to new gym to try something different commercial gym & needed a training program needed and structure then lockdown happen ? but the homeworkouts are actually brilliant I am learning loads about reps,tempo etc and thinking of the muscle. It is making me slow down

June, 2020

“They are making my ‘lifestyle’ easy by making me accountable to myself”.

I’m delighted I joined the Affiliate. It is such good value for money, with the content they both share on their own social media and our own Affiliate private group is brilliant – its informative and easy to read and understand. We receive a new training program every month, which I love as I dont

May, 2020

“I am a different person since starting, from my mental health to my confidence with food, training & my appearance is totally changed for the better & I couldn’t be happier.”

I started with the guys over 12 months ago on the Affiliate. I started mainly due to my previous lifestyle being a constant battle of over training, under eating leading to constant burn out & then binging & back to square one, I knew I had to get out of this vicious cycle. When I

May, 2020

“The knowledge and support I’ve received as a long term member of the Affiliate has enabled me to improve my relationship with food.”

I’ve learned so much in the last two years since joining the Affiliate. Dealing with the usual ups and downs of life. I’ve been guided by Larry and Kate in how to approach wellness no matter the circumstances. Goals change, as life can throw us curveballs. I started this journey with losing some belly fat

Maria Dillon
May, 2020

“I came away with a great understanding of macro-tracking and general nutrition – much more valuable than cookie-cutter diet plans!”

 ‘I came to Larry wanting to get in shape for my upcoming wedding and to look as good as I possibly could in my wedding dress. I am incredibly happy with the results! Larry and Kate put such a huge emphasis on health and general well-being – I learned so much about the importance of

Zoe Farrell
May, 2020

“I can’t thank them enough for their help over the past year not just changing me physically however helping to change my own mentality”

When I first joined I had some bad food habits that I needed to overcome . I lacked motivation to go training as I was stuck in such a rut with the same old routine. Kate and Larry helped me overcome my issues in several ways, the main one was a new program every month

May, 2020

“Kate and Larry gave me the tools I needed to control my eating habits”

Fantastic Service !! A credit to both Larry and Kate.  Joining the Affiliate has allowed me to gain control of my health and fitness journey. Kate and Larry gave me the tools I needed to control my eating habits, aswell as great workouts that helped me increase my strength and fitness with each session. Keep

April, 2020

“The Affiliate is one of the best programs I have ever gotten involved with.”

These guys are amazing! They give so much content for you. Coming from over training and binge eating to be able to train 3 to 4 days a week and eat a tone of good nutritious foods and all the nice things also in moderation and still progress and get results. There there for you

April, 2020

I’m down from 64kg to 60kg and I do not feel like I am dieting.Really enjoying the whole process and could not recommend enough!

When joining the affiliate in August I was aware I had a lot of social events coming up so I wanted to maintain self control and be accountable for the food/exercises choices I was going to make. In October I moved to Australia and travelled for 6 weeks before settling in Melbourne where I’m currently

February, 2020

I’ve lost 3-4kg, hitting new PBs, I feel much stronger, and have more energy!

I’ve been a member now for 3 months and I’m absolutely loving it! Its exactly what I needed to give me the knowledge and confidence to go into the gym and smash a great workout. My nutrition has improved and Ive added loads more vegetables and fruit to my meals. Knowing the macros is a

February, 2020

I am loving the training! I am down 4kg, down cm everywhere and really happy with my progress so far!

I have really enjoyed my time so far. I have done 12 week programs before and got good results, but because I was checking in weekly I would find myself becoming obsessive and getting upset if I slipped up with food or missed a training session, where as the affiliate has taught me about taking

February, 2020

The Affiliate has allowed me to be comfortable with gaining weight. Eating more food doesn’t mean I’ll get fat!

I have seen huge results both mentally and physically. Eventhough I’m in a gaining phase I can see results with lifting heavier. Also just been able to see each lift improve and adding on more weights every

February, 2020

Over the two years I have been working with Larry he has stayed true to this philosophy – HEALTH comes first ALWAYS!!

After my first season competing as a bikini athlete, I knew I needed to find myself a new coach. I wanted someone who would view me as an individual and not just a generic “bikini chick.” I had heard only positive reports about Larry and so I reached out for help. The first thing that

Jennifer Haughton
January, 2020

I’ve lost over 4kg, but the change to my physique and confidence was a huge unexpected bonus!!

January, 2020

I’m currently sitting at 69kg which is my lowest weight in 7 years!

Started at 78kg in March 2019. I definitely haven’t been perfect, just consistent. I’d say to anyone thinking of investing in themselves is go for it! The pic of me now does not reflect 9 months of perfection – I f*cked up many times over. The difference was that I was accountable and consistent, so when

January, 2020

I have a more healthy relationship with how and what I eat, it’s no longer a diet but just what I enjoy.

In the last 5 months for me the biggest change isn’t the scales, but the way I approach food and training has dramatically changed. I now see it as something that fits into my day to day routine, it’s not forced, I have no guilt if I want to eat a choc bar or I

Mary Phelan
January, 2020

Is this going to be YOU?

What will YOU be writing as your success story in 6 months

December, 2019

The training programme is AMAZING – they look super easy but they’re not – really effective, always under an hour and also feel them the next day.

I initially joined for the monthly training programme but its made me think of so much more other than just what I do in the gym. I have no problem with exercise, if anything I over-train as gym / running / classes are a habit and I love training, its everything else that needs my

December, 2019

Larry has instilled a belief that I can do whatever I set my mind to! Like all of his clients I am so lucky to have him!

When I made the decision to work with a coach there was no doubt in my mind who I wanted it to be. Larry’s expertise, experience and knowledge in the field drew me to him. Achieving incredible results while maintaining health and client focused values, in an industry where that is often neglected for the

September, 2019

I now feel like I can comfortably stay on track whatever my lifestyle throws at me.Counting macros gave me freedom to cook/eat/enjoy whatever foods I felt like.

I have spent the past year working one to one with Larry and it has been absolutely amazing. I have advanced so far, not only physically and mentally – but in so many other aspects also. When I started with Larry I had just finished an extremely intense diet period. I was desperate to get

Sarah Cosgrove
September, 2019

Larry has helped bring the spark back into my life as I now have the confidence in my own body to be the best version of myself.

I joined Larry’s 1-1 coaching in October 2018 after getting myself in a long term rut of cutting calories during the week and then binging at weekends. I had previously worked with online coaches for 12 week periods before and although I got results – as in the scales went down, I never actually got

SJ Owens
September, 2019

After following Larry and seeing the attention and effort he puts into his coaching, I knew he was the coach I wanted to work with to get me in shape for my wedding day”

I started working with Larry on a 1 to 1 basis back in February 2019, ahead of my wedding which was in August. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but wanted to ‘tone up’ especially around my mid-section as my wedding dress was very fitted, all whilst remaining primarily focused on my

Emer Quinn
September, 2019

“Ive lost about 5kg (88 to 83kg) the lowest I’ve been in 2 years all down to applying everything I’ve learned through the Affliate!!

I started the programme with lower back discomfort, 3 months into the Affiliate and I have gone from barely being able to do a body weight box squat to being able to squat up to 50kg and pulling back if I feel I’m overdoing it – another thing I’ve learned…go at my own pace and

July, 2019

“I have lost 2 kg , bringing me to my goal, and I couldn’t be happier!”

The regular change in program keeps me motivated, I am enjoying the gym and following the program. It takes the thinking out of it and I have just been enjoying the results. I was stuck at 77.7kg for months and now I’m in the 75kgs and I couldn’t be

July, 2019

“I’ve upped my calories, upped my strength and found freedom!”

I’m no longer scared to eat, I now eat to fuel my sessions. I’ve found food freedom and stopped obsessively counting macros. I have so much more structure in my gym sessions and no longer spend time killing myself, I get in and get it done. I now know how to balance a night out

July, 2019

“The information provided in emails and on the Facebook group is incredible and really insightful”

The programming is fantastic, there is great variety and I come away from sessions feeling like I’ve worked hard. Through the guidance of the program and Facebook group, I haven’t felt guilty about not getting to the gym much in June. I went to Spain for 5 days of sunshine (where I did train twice

July, 2019

“I’ve been delighted with the Affiliate program since joining a few months back”

The three biggest takeaways for me: 1. Reducing my overall training load – I’ve gone from feeling like I need to go to work out 5-6 times a week (each time doing a session with some form of high intensity work), to doing 4 solid, tough sessions a week. 2. Feeling comfortable in the weights

July, 2019

“Very early into the program I could start seeing my shape change & I’m thrilled”

I found the past few years that no matter what program or exercise I done I could not shift the few pounds I wanted to but the Affiliate put me in the right direction for food &

June, 2019

“I’m 5kg down in total since starting two months ago!”

At the beginning I was up and down 1kg but in the past month I’ve lost 4kg consistently and I’m excited to eat well every day. My goal is to get down to 68kg by August (I haven’t been sub-70 in over 6 years!) The Affiliate has provided me with the tools I need to

May, 2019

“I feel fitter and stronger and more confident!”

I even see some of the lads in the gym following some of my exercise regime now! I’ve learned how to “REST”, how to include tempo into my programs and I have increased confidence in quality of exercise

May, 2019

“Its the best investment I’ve ever made, I’ve seen more progress in the last 3 months than in the previous 2 years!”

I’m going into my forth month on the Affiliate and over the last three months my strength has gone up and my relationship with food has really improved. I don’t have guilt associated with eating certain types of foods and my digestion has drastically increased thanks to all the tips from Larry and Kate. In

May, 2019

They made the whole experience of “cutting calories” enjoyable.

As a coach myself I began 1-1 online coaching with Larry in hope to learn as much as I could while stepping into the shoes of a client for once. I had a goal to get as lean as possible in 6 months but slow and steady for a holiday. No question was too big

March, 2019

I lost over 10kg, got way leaner but my main thing was my attitude toward food became normal.

Before Larry, I had a terrible binge eating problem, where I would indulge in 10,000 calories at least daily through chocolate and sweets easily and then I would feel awful for days but the cycle continued binge, say that’s it no more then repeat. Literally had no control! Over the 30 weeks, I ended up

January, 2019

I lost 12 kilos and I am now eating 2,500+ cals per day.

I reached out to Larry in March 2018. I had been with a PT for over a year, tried every diet there was. I thought being with a PT I would achieve results I wanted. I was paying through the roof, they didn’t show up for sessions, and didn’t give me tools I needed, so

January, 2019

Larry guided me through prep for a holiday, where I hit the beach feeling & looking good but most importantly, feeling confident in my own skin

I had been following Larry on Social Media for a while & loved reading his content. It was factual & straight to the point, hitting some home truths! In November 2017, I contacted Larry to enquire about online coaching but at the time, he had no spaces available, which I think speaks for itself. A

July, 2018

I really cannot recommend Larry highly enough as he is an absolute knowledge bomb and is a true professional in his field.

I am so grateful I was in such good hands for my first bikini competition. For me, a coach isn’t someone who sends you diet plans but is someone who supports and looks after you. I can honestly say Larry did just that and more. He has taught me how to eat to properly fuel

May, 2018

Working with Larry has been the best investment I have ever made for myself and is so much more to me than any before and after transformation photo.

When I started coaching with Larry I was at a very low point in my life. I had done my research and knew this was an investment I needed to make for me, and my mental health and I haven’t looked back since. Quite simply working with Larry has changed my life ten fold.  When

March, 2018

I now have more energy for life and along with all of that I’m more positive and happier too.

I have been working with Larry the past 15 weeks and I honestly couldn’t be happier with my results so far – I was going through a stressful time in my life and felt I needed a bit of help with my nutrition and training – my goal was to drop some body fat and

February, 2018

I can weigh myself and it doesn’t bother me its just a number not my value as a person.

Before I started training under Larry I was lacking in confidence both inside and outside of the gym, restrictive around certain food groups and terrified by the number on the scales. I wanted an online coach as I felt I wasn’t getting the most out of my training and at times a little lost From

December, 2017

He’s a top class coach and goes above and beyond for his clients.

I approached Larry for the typical lose body fat and to ‘tone’ etc but what I got in return was so much more, yes my body composition changed dramatically. Could I be happier with my appearance…of course us ladies are never happy with some body part!! Coming from a powerlifting background my training changed and

March, 2017

Whats included in the Affiliate?

  • Training – resistance training suited to your level including full video demos (changes monthly)
  • Nutrition – set to your goals with weekly continual learning and education so you improve your knowledge of food long term.
  • Support – a vibrant Facebook community lead by industry leading Online Coach & PT Larry Doyle, including weekly Q&A and all the content you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Step-by-step monthly training program

You will receive your monthly training program. Train at the gym or at home. It doesn't matter.

Nutritional Guide with Macro Management

Nutritional guidance including our Macro Management platform and Macroswithkate. Everything you need for food success!

Setting your goals with us

Monthly goal setting with us. Lorem Ipsum dolor met.

Improve your lifestyle outside the gym

General health and wellness hints and tips to improve your lifestyle outside the gym.

Accountability in our support community

Accountability in our vibrant support community with like minded others.

Excercise library of 250+ videos

Exclusive access to high quality training videos...

Weekly Q&A sessions with Larry & Kate

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Recipe booklets lorem ipsum dolor imet

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Priority listing to events/workshps

Priority listing for exclusive events/workshops.

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Latest Tips from Kate

Before signing up, please take a moment to read the Waiver of Liability
Payment: €59

Frequently asked questions

Access to a gym with a mix of both free weights and machines works best. We do provide a list of alternative exercises if you don’t have a certain machine or your working around in injury. We also have clients who have home gyms and manage to use the monthly training with some modifications.
Yes, I have training suitable for all levels. When you sign up, I will ask you to send me an email with your current training experience and goals – I will give you a training level suitable for your experience and you will be challenged each month.
Yes, you can do the Affiliate from anywhere! Join our growing community around the world.

No, you can cancel with 3 days notice by email. The Affiliate is a long term sustainable approach, most of our Affiliate have been members for over a 12 months. If you need to cancel, you can rejoin again by signing back up on the website.

Yes the Affiliate caters for all “diets”. I don’t give you a set food plan, I will give you macros for protein, fats and carbs and teach you how to understand food. You can then pick from foods you enjoy and eat. We have a large number of vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians on the Affiliate.
Yes, if you achieve your goal and want to set a new goal we will support you and give you guidance on realistic targets and timeframes.
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