The last "Fitness Plan"
you'll ever need

I will give you the tools and empowerment to get the sustainable long term results you’re looking for.
—Larry Doyle

The last "fitness plan" you'll ever need!

I will give you the tools and empowerment to get the sustainable long term results you’re looking for.
—Larry Doyle

What is the Affiliate?

The Affiliate is an affordable €30 monthly subscription for those who want sustainable long term results with a real life approach. Hear Larry tell you in his own words in this video.

What's included?

  • Monthly training programme (Gym or Home Based).
  • Nutritional Guidance.
  • Goal Setting.
  • Accountability in our vibrant support community with like minded others.
  • Exercise library of 200+ videos.
  • Weekly Q&A’s.
  • LD Recipe booklets.
  • Priority listing for exclusive LD events/workshops.
  • Ongoing support.

What to expect.

You will to get fitter, stronger, leaner, improve your relationship with food and ultimately gain the tools and empowerment to take control of your health for life! All the tools you need for a health lifestyle for less than a €1 a day!

How it works.

Billing runs per calendar month. When you sign up today you will pay a €15 Sign Up Fee plus the first months subscription €30 for 1-30 May, 2020. But don’t worry, we’ll get you started now! The remaining days in April are a free bonus.

Immediately upon sign up you will receive a welcome e-mail with some questions and steps on what to do next so I can tailor your training and macros to your needs. You will also gain immediate access to my video exercise library and to our Facebook group. Welcome to the Affiliate!

Next billing (€30) will occur on 30 May, 2020. Cancel anytime with 3 days notice by emailing us at

Each month you will learn something new, add to your ability to manage your health and reach your fitness goal.

What our Affiliates say

“The video clips are super! They really give me confidence to do the exercises and I’ve started to enjoy training again.”

I have more confidence in the gym and I’m starting to see my body shape change. I love going to the gym and not having to think about what training I’m doing. It’s all planned out for me! New plan each month keeps me motivated so I don’t get bored of the same training sessions. Life

February 23, 2019

Since starting the Affiliate I have become far more efficient in the gym

I find I am far less stressed in the gym because the workouts are clearly laid out and I don’t have think about what to to next. Paying close attention to rest periods and tempo makes a huge difference when it comes to the weight being lifted and also feeling more satisfied after completing an

January 11, 2020

“For where I am in my life its just what I need and I’ve really enjoyed the training”

The support of the Facebook Group is HUGE, no judgement, just help and guidance and supporting you through the ups and downs and helping you find a path through the bad weeks. Finding the silver lining. The recipes and mindset around food is very refreshing – Breakfast style foods aren’t just for breakfast!! My weight

May 1, 2019

“Your Instagram page and Facebook page really help when comes to food ideas (can’t wait for the book till you knock Joe Wicks off his perch haha)”

I came into this programme off the back of a knee injury and I was scared to do legs incase I agitated it but with your help I got over that fear and am back squatting heavy. The best thing is that I have my mojo back, I train at 5:30 in the morning and

January 2, 2019

“Overall my starting weight was 63kg and now weighing 59.5kg, with waist dropping 4cm and thigh dropping 5cm, thrilled overall and can not wait to continue!!!!

I have had a brilliant 3 months! I can actually eat 1,950 calories and not put on weight, and I’m feeling leaner each day which is something I never thought would happen! I always had a fear of deadlifts and this programme explaining the technique and the videos makes it easier, I love doing them

January 31, 2019

Frequently asked questions

Access to a gym with a mix of both free weights and machines works best. We do provide a list of alternative exercises if you don’t have a certain machine or your working around in injury. We also have clients who have home gyms and manage to use the monthly training with some modifications.
Yes, I have training suitable for all levels. When you sign up, I will ask you to send me an email with your current training experience and goals – I will give you a training level suitable for your experience and you will be challenged each month.
Yes, you can do the Affiliate from anywhere! Join our growing community around the world.

No, you can cancel with 3 days notice by email. The Affiliate is a long term sustainable approach, most of our Affiliate have been members for over a 12 months. If you need to cancel, you can rejoin again by signing back up on the website.

Yes the Affiliate caters for all “diets”. I don’t give you a set food plan, I will give you macros for protein, fats and carbs and teach you how to understand food. You can then pick from foods you enjoy and eat. We have a large number of vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians on the Affiliate.
Yes, if you achieve your goal and want to set a new goal we will support you and give you guidance on realistic targets and timeframes.
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