Useful real life tips for everything that happens outside the gym...

Working from Home – 10 tips on how to stay focused and productive.

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A real insight into how to change your body composition – and get into photoshoot shape!

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The importance of daylight

Want an instant mood and energy boost? Ditch the caffeine and sunglasses and step outside!

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Got a breaking coming up soon? Here’s my top tips to staying on track and not going absolutely YOLO 

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Is the Scales weighing you down?

Is the scales weighing you down? For the majority of individuals there is two responses when they step on the scales. SUCCESS or FAILURE.

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How to NOT track veg

“How many calories is in Kale?🤔” – Two weeks into January📅 and weighing vegetables🥒🌿🌱 doesn’t get any less shit💩 does it?

Put that coffee down…

Lets put the above into perspective and use sleep as the example . 💰 Sleep = Dollar’s Afternoon Coffee + Pre-workouts = Dime’s 💰

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For the most part, Monday through to around 7pm Friday we are generally good, then we enter what can only be described as a calorie Bermuda Triangle

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Poop Tips!

❗The picture is the only sexy thing about this post❗. Cause I’m gonna talk about P💩💩P. Not really one of those “like, share and tag a mate” kinda posts 😂.

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