The Affiliate is for those who have some training experience, or want to get back into a regular gym routine but want an approach that is sustainable long term and will fit in with everyday life. It is an ongoing lifestyle option.

You will have access to high quality training, with technique support, and the tools you need to create an effective approach to food for the real world. All supported by a vibrant Facebook coaching community where there are ongoing food and lifestyle hacks to give you a maintainable way to add health and fitness into your everyday life.

how it works

The Affiliate works via a series of monthly training plans which will teach you to train effectively and make the most efficient use of your time in the gym.

The training will include video links to my exercise library, which gives you audio and visual coaching cues to improve your form — you can find an example at the top of this page.

You will be given the tools to set up your macro plan for your target goal using my Macro Calculator. You can then create your own food plan by choosing foods that you like and enjoy using or by following the food ideas on the Affiliate Intagram page (run by Kate).


€30 / monthly* subscription

*Except for your first month which is €45 - you will receive both training and macros in your first month, a set up fee is included for this.

facebook coaching HQ

All clients have access to my internal Facebook support community with real world nutrition, training and lifestyle hacks. Here you will learn the skills needed to have a healthy approach to food, training, sleep and stress management and a range of Key Habits which can impact on improving overall health. The more engaged you are, the more you will gain from this.

Long term improved physical health and mind-set is ultimately what I want to give you, along with the tools to maintain it on your own.

Key Habits

Drinking enough water

Getting enough sleep

Ensuring sufficient recovery

Managing stress and making time for “Leastmode”

Going to the toilet regularly

Increasing intake of veggies & salads

Understanding macros and food sources

Increasing food source variety

Organisation & routine

Getting outdoors

Managing social occasions & food on the go

How to track progress